Abandoned Wife & Children

What comes to mind when you hear that a husband/father has abandoned his wife and children? If you’re like most people emotions begin to rise and questions fill your mind as you begin to speculate. Why the action? Why the imposed hurt on those you supposedly love and care about the most? Or even what could be so bad that you couldn’t face your spouse and talk it through. Nevertheless it happens and too often.

It was our privilege today to encourage and support a wife and mother that had been abandoned with her children and soon to be giving birth to another child. This woman was hurt, bewildered and had no clue on the whereabouts of her husband. He’s chosen not to communicate in anyway leaving his family unprepared, unprotected and financially distraught.

She came to the right place for HELP. Initial steps were put in to place due to her emergency situation. HOPEwas given both in speech and action. And it took place HERE at Community Lifeline Center.

Will you help? Would you like to be a part of giving hope to someone in need? You can right here where you live. Consider giving a generous donation on a regular basis. Give of yourself by offering your resources and connections. Or volunteer your time and skills. We need you.

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“First United Methodist Church of McKinney is blessed to be in ministry with CLC. We support them with our prayers and  financial support as we work together to be of service to the less fortunate.”  –Alan Heath, Executive Director

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